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I was born in Mostar 38 years ago where I still live. My life insists on school and schooling. I became a school teacher and my own schooling is still taking place, because I have developed a habit of constant learning.

I have earned two formal degrees at the University. One in economics, from the Faculty of Economics, and another in graphics from The Academy of Fine Arts.

I teach fine arts school children in their early teen years and I also teach a graphic design course in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Although fine art is my first love, I became keen on computers.

Even though today's world is a place of a great competition where we are supposed to show off images that confirm our social value, I live in a very unpopular way, in modesty, keeping a low profile and working in an unprofitable walk of life that demands no respect in today's society, emphasising cooperation as my ground principle, common sense and High Level Ethics.

And I am also a mother to one kind boy!

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ABOUT myWorks

Gallery 1

The Genesis

Graphics are made in traditional art printing technics such as etching, dry-point and aquatint. They depict themes of genesis based on modern scientific dogmas and imbued with metaphysical meditation. Through esoteric terms like cosmic egg or tree of life, a story develops itself of emanating life which happened in two directions. From the primordial ocean of creation where all the elements connected themselves creating order from chaos, material universe was placed under the laws of polarity following the rules of fractal iterations. Every level of organization brought a new level of consciousness containing within itself the principles of biology - survival, adaptation, competition and group organization. Although it appears like the human being has evolved from lower life forms, it also seems possible that man derived himself from a higher being, from the realm of pure consciousness in reverse process of evolution.

Gallery 2

The Initiation through the Animas

Cycle "The Initiation through the Animas" includes two media, painting and poetry. Motives are mainly portraits and nudes interwoven into the organic and inorganic ornaments with visible impact of postmodern aesthetic. Although this was a serious topic of spiritual growth and overcoming oneself I am aware that this is the process that lasts a lifetime and that identity therefore is not and cannot be absolute. It is fiction, role play for which we must not tie in completely, and always keep in mind of the little amount of comedy that exists in the depths of everything, including the depth of all art, even in the most sublime one. Looking for my voice in the postmodern period in which is dominant increasing dependence on technology, the very reality becomes somewhat global and total, imposing itself as such to everyone. I believe that what we need to raise awareness, pointing that we have freedom of choice at least of our own projections, and I want my projections to be full of awareness, wisdom, and enchantment.

Gallery 3


The cycle of Dames are genre scenes depicting a doll like women in somewhat relaxed and still, statued poses, even when they are in motion. This cycle is an attempt of celebrating life as it is, joie de vivre, but that is only at frist glance. Each of these paintings contains at least a minute warning of discomfort and they bring time to stand still. A certain quality of permanence in every moment that points to the constant omnipresence of something that is behind the game they play. Profoundly witty arrangements on the stage like scenery that remind us of a doll's house, are sometimes expanded into ironic and critical environments rounded with brash and sometimes candy like colors. This cycle is so called playful art and is the one that is still work in progress with new charming and vibrant illustrations to come. Christmas Easter Celebration

Gallery 4

Ordo Templi Papilonis

In this cycle I am introducing 12 students of a profound archetypical teacher depicted on 13 canvases. The colour becomes the structure, and principle, the basic building block. My art is very rarely l'art pout l'art. There is always a tendency for education or "bringing the light of knowledge". This cycle is that kind of Creation. Working as a pedagogue in a diminishing values society I have collected a certain amount of wisdom and I feel like I need to share with others who are interested in a matter. In a poem like texts that are accompanying every painting I am speaking about the metamorphosis of every student who have become a butterfly, after years of life in ignorance, here on Earth. It is about leaving journey of big dreams and having profound changes. This cycle is all about analogies for life's transitions and the miracles of personal transformation.

Gallery 5

To the new Horizonts

This is my new cycle started in 2017. I am now totally in Acrylics and a change in style is slowly emerging. In general, I will try to be more resilient about everything and that will evidently show in my works. More self assure and self reliant in every possible sense.

Gallery 6

Graphic Design Portfolio

Considering the fact that I am an Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign instructor, giving lectures in graphic design, I decided to showcase some of my graphic design ideas and works among other artworks. Some of examples are actual graphic design and some of them are exercises from my graphic design course.


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